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I’ve participated in a lot of strategic planning sessions over the years, but for the most part they’ve yielded very unsatisfactory results. So a couple of years ago I started to ponder what it would take to have a more effective strategic planning process.

Most strategic plans are inward-focused.  This means they reflect the wishes, agendas, and priorities of the institution’s stakeholders. This results in a set of goals that may or may not be in keeping with the needs, desires, and priorities of that institution’s customers/audience – and without that connection, even the best-sounding goals will be extremely difficult (or even impossible) to achieve.

Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, tell us to begin with a value proposition based on how our distinctive qualities serve the needs of our customers: it is inherently an outward-focused endeavor.  This shift in focus results in a very different sort of strategic plan, one that has a greater chance of success because its goals and objectives are designed to serve a better/more effective delivery of the organization’s value proposition. That, in turn, leads to greater organizational success overall and creates a stronger foundation for achieving long-term goals and objectives. I have adapted several entrepreneurial tools to serve the strategic planning process, and have brought this unique approach to a number of arts and educational organizations.

Let’s talk about how I can help your institution define your vision and create a plan to get there!

“Jeff led a strategic planning retreat for our board that was extremely useful. We have already implemented many of the things we discussed and are seeing positive results. His unique approach was incredibly valuable.”

Conrad Kehn, Artistic Director, The Playground Ensemble


“Dr. Nytch balances relevance with vision, and understands how to work within academia. He is a perceptive, well-informed, and action-oriented individual who is helping expand the horizons of opportunity that exist for faculty, students, and institutions.”

Laurence Kaptain, Former Dean, College of Arts and Media

University of Colorado-Denver


"Jeff led a terrific weekend retreat for our board. They are now energized and looking ahead in a spirit of cooperation. Thank you!

David Holley, Artistic Director of Greensboro Opera
Director of Opera, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

facilitated a highly effective strategic planning retreat with our music faculty and has provided valuable feedback since that visit. We appreciated his insights and have moved ahead with a number of initiatives that arose from the creative approach to planning he introduced."

Kay Hoke, Former Director, Sunderman Conservatory of Music

Gettysburg College

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