Jeffrey Nytch enjoys a rich and diverse career as a composer, performer, educator and advocate – but it hasn't been a straight line getting there. He spent much of his teen years exercising an uncanny ability to make money in the stock market, and dreamed of someday going to Wall Street and conquering the world. Then there was his study of geology, which nearly took him down a different path altogether. But throughout it all, music has been the abiding passion of his heart; in the end, it won out with his career as well.


What followed has been a professional odyssey of sorts, involving an accomplished composition career including performances nationwide by many leading artists, teaching positions at Carnegie Mellon University and Franklin & Marshall College, a five-year stint leading Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, and an assortment of day jobs ranging from managing a small business to serving as a minor administrative cog within the machine of a very large university.


Throughout all these endeavors, Jeff maintained his conviction that someday these disparate pursuits would coalesce in a meaningful way, and that faith has been redeemed in his current position as Director of the Entrepreneurship Center for Music at The University of Colorado-Boulder, a national leader in music career development. In his first book, The Entrepreneurial Muse: Inspiring Your Career in Classical Music (Oxford University Press, 2018), he draws on the full range of his professional experiences to prepare his students for lives as artist-citizens – with the stunning geology of the Colorado Front Range as his daily backdrop. It's nice when things come together, isn't it?

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