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There are three things I strive for in all my compositions: to exhibit the highest levels of craft, present music that is both challenging and fulfilling to perform, and deliver a satisfying and approachable experience to the audience. I'm also always on the lookout for new projects that engage communities and audiences in innovative and compelling ways. Enjoy browsing my catalog, and feel free to contact me with ideas you'd like to share on how we might collaborate! 

To view my complete catalogue and learn more about my work, including reviews and testimonials, download this PDF:

Listen to selected works:


Acclamations - version for wind ensemble

Acclamations - version for orchestra

Commissioned by the Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra, John Covelli, music director

3-2-2-2 / 4-3-3-1 / timp, 3 perc. / strings

Duration: 4'

Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra, John Covelli, music director

Commissioned by the University of Texas at Austin Wind Ensemble, Jerry Junkin, music director

3-2-3-3 / 2-1-1 / 4-3-1 / timp, 3 perc. / pft / string bass

University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Jerry Junkin, music director

Chamber Concerto

Commissioned by Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, David Stock, artistic director

fl-cl-bn / pft / strings (2-2-2-1)

Duration: 23'

Duquesne University Contemporary Ensemble, Kevin Noe, artistic director

Epilogue: In Memoriam Yitzhak Rabin

Commissioned by Franklin & Marshall College Orchestra, Brian Norcross, music director

3-3-3-1 or string orchestra

Duration: 11'

National Repertory Orchestra, Kevin Noe, conductor

Moving Violations

Commissioned by Franklin & Marshall College Wind Ensemble, Brian Norcross, music director

3-2-4-2-2-1-1 / 4-3-3-2-2 / timp, 3 perc. / string bass

Duration: 8'

University of Colorado Wind Symphony, Donald McKinney, music director


3-3-3-3 / 4-3-3-1 / timp, 3 perc. / strings

Duration: 10'

Available on commercial release

Shepherd School Symphony, Kevin Noe, conductor

Symphony No. 1: Formations

Co-commissioned by the Boulder Philharmonic and the Geological Society of America, in celebration of the GSA's 125th anniversary

3-3-3-3 / 4-3-3-1 / timp, 3 perc. / harp / strings

Duration: 32'

Movement I: Orogenies

Movement II: Rush!

Movement III: Requiems

Movement IV: Majesties

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Butterman, music director



Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra

2-2-3-2 / 4-3-3 / timp, 3 perc. / harp / strings / cl. solo

Duration: 17'

Movement I: Animato

Movement II: Mesto

Movement III: Volando

Richard Stoltzman, clarinet, with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, music director

Concerto for Violin and Strings: Costa Concordia

Commissioned by Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra for Edward Dusinberre

6-4-4-4-3 (minimum) / 1 perc. / harp / vln. solo

Duration: 22'

Edward Dusinberre, violin, with Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Cynthia Katsarelis, music director



...and the wind spoke...

Commissioned by Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble for Lindsey Goodman


Duration: 16'

I: Lament

II: Dance of the Four Winds

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Lindsey Goodman, flute, with Brett Mitchell, conductor

For the Trees (String Quartet No. 2)

Commissioned by the Ivalas, Orava, and Tesla Quartets


Ivalas String Quartet

Four Winds (for winds)

Commissioned by the Manhattan Saxophone Quartet

Revised for ~Nois Saxophone Quartet

Duration: 17'

I: Chinook

II: Fire Storm

III: Zephyr

IV: Sirocco

~Nois Saxophone Quartet

Lyric Suite: Reflections on Carl Sandburg


Duration: 16'

I: Falltime

V. Fog

II: Baby Toes

VI Whirls

III. Slippery

IV. Prairie Waters by Night

VII. Sleepyheads

Erika Eckert, viola; Margaret McDonald, piano; Bill Mooney, narrator


Commissioned by Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble and the Verge Ensemble


Duration: 11'

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Kevin Noe, conductor

Seize the Sun: Fantasy on Icarus (String Quartet No. 1)

Commissioned by Carpe Diem String Quartet

Duration: 20'

Carpe Diem String Quartet



Anchor 1

Commissioned by Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Double SATB chorus-organ

Text: Traditional

Duration: 5'

Choirs of Peachtree United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA

How Firm a Foundation

Commissioned by Tom Jaber for the Shepherd Singers, Rice University

SATB chorus

Text: Traditional

Duration: 4'45"

Shepherd Singers, Tom Jaber, director

I Remember

Commissioned by The Renaissance City Choirs, Andrés Cladera, director

SATB chorus-tenor solo-soprano solo-spoken solos-ob-pft

Text: Joe Brainard

Duration: 23'

The Renaissance City Choirs, Andrés Cladera, director

Love Speaks Its Name

Commissioned by The Renaissance City Choirs, Andrés Cladera, director

SATB chorus-pft

Texts: Willa Cather, Vita Sackville-West, Song of Solomon

Duration: 13'

May be performed individually or as a set

I: Save Only Love

II. Come on the Wings of Great Desire

III. Rise Up, My Love

One Voice Mixed Chorus, Bryce Hayes, conductor

Nunc Dimittis

SATB chorus

Text: Traditional

Duration: 3' 35"

Franklin & Marshall College Chamber Singers, William Wright, conductor

Our Birthright

Commissioned by Elizabeth Swanson for the National Festival Chorus

SATB chorus, piano

Text: Rosemerry Wahtola-Trommer

Duration: 4' 15"

National Festival Chorus, Elizabeth Swanson, director

Song of Peace

Commissioned by Brady Allred for the Duquesne University Chamber Singers

SATB chorus

Text: Yaacov Rotblitt

Duration: 4'

Duquesne University Chamber Singers, Brady Allred, director

Three Anthems for Advent

Commissioned by Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, PA

SATB chorus, organ

Texts: Traditional

For liturgical use on the appropriate Sunday, or for concert use individually or as a set

In the Beginning...
Arise, Shine!

Duration: 5'

Duration: 4'

Duration: 5'

Three Christmas Motets

Commissioned by James Morrow for the University of Texas-Austin Chamber Singers

SATB chorus

Texts: Traditional

May be performed individually or as a set

I. A Child is Born
II. Calm on the List'ning Ear of Night
III. Go Tell It

Duration: 3' 

Duration: 4'

Duration: 2' 30"

University of Texas Chamber Singers, James Morrow, director




Text by Jessica Melilli-Hand

Commissioned by Lindsey Goodman

Mezzo-soprano, flute, alto flute

Duration: 11'

Jennifer Bird, soprano; Christina Jennings, flute; Lindsey Goodman, alto flute

From the Soul of Silence

Text by Rabindranath Tagore

Commissioned by the American Guild of Organists

Mezzo-soprano, flute, piano

Duration: 18'

I: Salutation

II: Confession

III: Meditation

IV: Supplication

V. Affirmation

VI. Valediction

Kara Guggenmoss, mezzo-soprano; Lindsey Goodman, flute; Andrew Cooperstock, piano

Love's Labor

Texts by various authors

Baritone, piano

Duration: 22'

I: Save Only Love

    (Willa Cather)

II: I So Liked Spring

    (Charlotte Mew)

III: No Obligation


IV: Nightmare


V. Love Should Grow Up...


VI. Rise Up, My Love

      (Song of Solomon)

Andrew Garland, baritone; Andrew Cooperstock, piano

Reflections From a Middle Place

Text by C.E. Cooper

Commissioned by Paul Cooper

Soprano, piano

Duration: 12'

IV: Prelude

III: The Eye Inside

II: Put your head...

I: Aftermath

Jennifer Bird, soprano; Andrew Cooperstock, piano


Text by C.E. Cooper

Commissioned by Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, for Timothy Jones

Baritone, fl, cl, pft, perc, vln, vc

Duration: 27'

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Timothy Jones, baritone; Kevin Noe, conductor

Three Songs of War

Text by Wilfred Owen

Countertenor, tuba

Duration: 14'

I. Dulce et Decorum Est

II. Asleep (Part I)

III: Asleep (Part II)

Jeffrey Nytch, countertenor; Zach Collins, tuba

Three Songs of War - version for string bass

Jeffrey Nytch, countertenor; Sandor Ostlund, double bass



Personal Affects

Commissioned by Kevin Schempf

Bass clarinet and fixed media

Duration: 15'

I.   The poet with his face in his hands (Mary Oliver)

II.  Gravity and Center (Henri Cole)

III. Self Portrait (Edward Hirsch)

Kevin Schempf, bass clarinet

Soon to be released on Centaur Records:
Complete Works for Organ
Joby Bell, organ

Commissioned by Ann Labounsky


Duration: 31'

Fantasia on "I Was Glad"


Duration: 6' 30"

Seven Covenants

Commissioned by Len Shelton in memory of Tom Reveley

Organ (with optional narration)

Duration: 21'

I Was Glad - Arrangement of the piece by C. Hubert H. Parry


Duration: 4' 45"

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