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Concerto for Violin: Costa Cordia - crowdfunding has launched!

I'm thrilled to announce my first-ever crowdfunding campaign, in support of a violin concerto I've been commissioned to write for Grammy-winning violinist Edward Dusinberre. The piece is inspired by the tragic story of Hungarian violinist Sándor Fehér, who perished in the 2012 shipwreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia. After heroic efforts to help families and children into lifeboats, Fehér returned to his cabin to retrieve his violin...and never made it back out. I've been so moved by this story that I've wanted to write a piece ever since hearing about it...and now the opportunity is here.

The premiere cycle of performances will take place with a consortium of orchestras from San Jose to Denver/Boulder, Dallas, and Pittsburgh, during the 2017-18 season; what we need now is support for the commission, travel, soloist fees, and preparation of the musical score/parts. Come join this exciting project!

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