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Letter from the Fringe, 2019: An evening stroll

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

One thing that's particularly nice about summer evenings in Scotland: the light lasts well past 9:00pm! And even on rainy days the skies often clear as the day comes to an end. Here are a few pics from an evening stroll I took this evening:

I've always loved these giraffes in front of the Omni Center.

The city has old and new constantly overlapping...

Two of Edinburgh's grand old hotels face each other across the North Bridge: the Balmoral (which I love for its magnificent clock tower) and the Scotsman (which Jeffrey and I loved for the Grand Cafe and the excellent cocktails procured there):

Statue of Wellington in front of the National Archives

Back in the 18th century, Edinburgh was dubbed "The Athens of the North" for all the great writers and philosophers who lived here. So in the 19th century somebody got the idea that they should construct imitation Greek ruins to the city would look the part. Calton Hill is the result...

Lovely panorama with "The Mound" on the left, the silhouette of the castle in the distance (left of center), and the Walter Scott monument on the right.

Dusk begins to set in as I arrive at the George Square Gardens for a late-night show.

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